The Venue

[Continente Gaia Store]

Inaugurated in 1989, the Continente Gaia Store celebrated 25 years and has present with  the latest concept of the Hypermarket of the Future.

Following the innovation strategy of every Continente store, Gaia takes modernity to all clients without ever losing quality and service to the client.
With a sales area of 11.816m2, the Continente Gaia Store bets on a wide variety of products and on the promotion of an unique client experience: always with best quality at the best price.

Avenida dos Descobrimentos, 549
4404 - 503 Vila Nova de Gaia
GPS Coord.: Latº 41°07'08.99 N; Lonº 8°37'17.93 W

[Porto Business School]

Porto Business School is one of the best European Business Schools ( Ranking 2013).

The close relationship with global industry and the largest and highest ranked Portuguese university allowed to be the perfect place to host the event.

An institution with distinctive characteristics, history and architecture.

Porto Business School

Avenida Fabril do Norte, 425
4460-312 Matosinhos
GPS Coordinates: 41.18313812, -8.6535313

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