Attendees Testimonies

What I have seen so far is surprising. A range of different perspectives on the challenges we all face in retail. I really look forward for the next edition!

Alan Jensen
| CIO & Executive Vice President at Dansk Supermarked

Very interesting content and speakers!

Miya Knight
| Global Retail Technology Research Director at Planet Retail

 A great event to share ideas and to better understand the customer expectations and how to keep up with them.

Paula Alves
| E-Commerce Director at Fnac PT

I was very impressed to see that the retail business is expanding very quickly with the use of the new technologies. There’s a bright future for the retail players if they take good advantage of the right technology applied to their businesses.

Masaaki Imai
| Founder of the Kaizen Institute

What I have seen here in Portugal is just amazing. This is probably one of the best organized and improved stores that I have ever seen in my life.

Daniel Corsten
| IE Business School Professor

It is unusual for retailers to meet and discuss their business and its details inside a store, showing everything that is not visible to the daily customer.

Ana Trigo Morais
| APED General Director

A real update on what is happening with the retailers in the surrounding countries. The change that is happening is a unique opportunity for all!

Luis Herrero
| CIO & Supply Chain Director Leroy Merlin

Two-day conference extremely rich with examples of implementation of continuous improvement methodologies in the retail and industry. Demystification and sharing experiences. A truly Pull & Push of ideas.

João Catalão
| Popai Executive President

It’s the must-attend event for smart retailers who want their business to succeed! Everything from how to achieve lean store processes to how to expand your business and relate with your customer!

Edevaldo Retondo
| CEO, Supermercados Monte Serrat

The Everywhere Store is the new flagship event for retailers that want to gather with peers and share experiences about the omnipresent store. Loaded with quality contents and speakers the event continues to grow, attracting thousands of loyal attendees from every retail and distribution channel who come here to learn, share and build sustainable relations.

David Bell
| Professor, Wharton School

Surprising contents and real cases on how we search, shop and sell in the virtual and physical store. It’s the must-attend event for retailers and academics to be inspired about future retail trends as well as solve real-time pain points.

Marcelo Perin
| Masters and PhD Professor, PUCRS

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