Store Alive And Intelligent, Data For A Bright Future
Store Alive And Intelligent, Data For A Bright Future
Store Alive And Intelligent, Data For A Bright Future
Store Alive And Intelligent, Data For A Bright Future
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In 6 years of existence, standout retailers, academics, entrepreneurs and specialists have contributed with special contents to our conferences. We discussed the role of retail, the challenges of operational transformation, efficient management of store processes towards customer satisfaction, pure physical store retail, digital experiences, the omnichannel and more.

During 2019 The Everywhere Store introduced the motto: From People to People: delivering the Humanchannel. From New York, in January, to São Paulo in August, to Porto in November. In 2020 the conference returns to New York for the fourth time and for its 6th global edition, at the NRF BIG Retail Show, the world's biggest retail event, between the 12-14th of January.

Tlantic and Kaizen Institute Western Europe will bring together The Everywhere Store Community in 3 sessions to discuss how data and information can make the store more intelligent and more adaptable to today's challenges: Store Alive and Intelligent, Data For A Bright Future

Our community meets worldwide.

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What I have seen so far is surprising. A range of different perspectives on the challenges we all face in retail. I really look forward for the next edition!
Alan Jensen
CIO & Executive Vice President at Dansk Supermarked
The Everywhere Store is a meeting place that contributes, in a special way, to the exchange of knowledge and experience about retail challenges and the pursuit of retail transformation to better serve customers and generate better business results. Discusses key issues related to the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
Olegário Araújo
FGVceV Researcher, Co-Curator of APAS Show and Intelligence360
A great chance to exchange ideas with peers and genuinely get to know their pains and problem solving solutions. Very well organized.
Mike Yorwerth
Chief Architect and Technology Director, Tesco
A real update on what is happening with the retailers in the surrounding countries. An unique opportunity for all!
Luis Herrero
CIO & Supply Chain Director, Leroy Merlin
My word towards this conference is "Gratitude", because we had the opportunity to get to know a tool that helped us optimize processes, bringing immeasurable benefits to the life of the company and especially to the continuous improvement of the results delivered by our employees today. with more agility and organization. It was a great pleasure to attend this event where we had enriching exchanges.
Simone Esteves
HR Director at Grupo CAB
The Everywhere Store is the new flagship event for retailers that want to gather with peers and share experiences about the omnipresent store. Loaded with quality contents and speakers the event continues to grow, attracting thousands of loyal attendees from every retail and distribution channel who come here to learn, share and build sustainable relations.
David Bell
Professor, Wharton School
Following the NRF, it was great to be able to integrate a specialized group of professionals and share knowledge and obstacles of the American and international retail. The Everywhere Store Conference is the perfect union of academic experts and real-life applications.
Melissa Gonzalez
Founder & CEO, The Lion’esque Group
Nobody can deny that we're living in a world of constant change and that today's truth might be a lie tomorrow morning. Also, there are more words to this testimony.
Prof. Daniel Corsten
Professor IE Business School

the community

Included in The Everywhere Store is the perfect opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to share disruptive ideas with retail executives, investors, academics and the international press in the iconic New York City!

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